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  • Product Name : Valves
  • Classification : Knife Gate Valve
  • Pinch Valve
  • Rubber Check Valve
  • Y-Ball Valve
  • Pressure: Knife Gate Valve (1.6MPa/cm2)
    Pinch Valve (1.6MPa/cm2)
    Rubber Check Valve (0.001Mdda)
    Y-Ball Valve (≤0.7MPa)

【Introduction】: A Knife Gate Valve with spool made of wear-resistant rubber developed by international advanced technoloy.

【Improvement】: High resilience of rubber liners of valve, tight combination between gate valve and disc, guarantee the sealing.

【Advantages】: Rubber spool is produced with " liquid phase nanometer compounding, normal temperature high-frequency curving". Wear-resistant index id over 128% and its service life is 2-4 times longer than ordinary valves under the same working conditions. Xinhai wear – resistant rubber as liners of knife gate valve owns high resilience up to 86% and high sealing performance, no leakage Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance No pressure lose.

【Product Structure】: Xinhai knife gate valve is mainly manual gate valve. Xinhai can also manufacture electric and pneumatic gate valve according to the needing of customers. The three kinds of gate valve can be carried out by remote control. In addition, the valve body is fitted with oil nipple to reduce the friction on gate and force moment of opening and closing of the valve. Spool made of wear – resistant rubber, small specific gravity, easier to replace.

【Introduction】: A wear-resistant pinch valve with excellent corrosion resistant and sealing ability.

【Improvement】: Wear – resistant rubber liners, resistance to corrosion and wear, prolong the service life of equipment 2 times; Wear - resistant rubber spool, high resilience, reliable opening and closing.

【Advantages】: High resilience rubber liners with rubber boss, no leakage Smooth internal surface makes slurry flow stably and fast without flow resistance The rubber elasticity exceeds 80%, the slurry will not cause water hammer impact. Valves liners have strong anti fatigue ability, longer service life Easy to replace, simple structure and convenient operation High resilience rubber spool, more flexible and reliable opening and closing.

【Product Structure】: Wear-resistant Pinch Valve is composed of upper grip, valve body, rubber spool and lower grip.

【Introduction】: A check valve made of wear-resistant materials.

【Improvement】: Xinhai rubber check valve is made of Xinhai 35 wear – resistant rubber with strong wear and corrosive resistance. Experiment shows that it be immersed in a concentration of 30% sulfuric acid or alkaline solutions; 48 hours later, the performance of the rubber has no obvious change, so the applicable range is very wide.

【Advantages】: Xinhai wear rubber with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high flexibility, the 0.25 mm Xinhai rubber strip stretches to out of shape until 800% length; the rubber prolongs the service life of the check valve 2 times. The opening is very easy because of the high elasticity of the rubber. 1 kilograms of fluid can easily open the valve without blockage. Relying on external pressure to close valve, clean closure, good sealing Under general conditions, the head loss can be reduced minimum. Xinhai rubber check valve can be customized in specs, size, color, etc. according to customers’ requirements. Xinhai rubber check valve adopts flange or pipe strap connection. Excellent resistance to frost, more suitable for cold areas

【Product Structure】: Xinhai rubber check valve opens by inner pressure difference, and closes by outer pressure. When in the forward work, the tiny water pressure can open the valve, and the pressure is greater, the valve opening is larger. In the reverse working, the valve naturally closes.

【Introduction】: One valve control two pipes.

【Improvement】: Automatic control, one ball valve can automatically open and close the valve This design has obtained national patent in May 2011, patent number: ZL201020575061.8.

【Advantages】 : Xinhai wear – resistant rubber as the liners of Y– ball valve with 128% wear resistance index Service lige is 2-4 times longer than traditional valve. The ball wrapped by Xinhai wear – resistant rubber which can effectively open and close the two valve ports in Y – ball valve. Slurry flow driving ball into a pipe orifice and close it; slurry pass by another pipe orifice. So it will not cause blockage. The Y – ball valve relying on the pressure of slurry to change the valve does not need people to control realizing automatic control, simple and flexible. Adopting Y- ball valve realizes pipeline setting of two pumps with one valve.

【Product Structure】: Outstanding ball valve design of opening and closing, no blocking; creative opening and closing device control the valve by slurry pushing the ball. Y- Ball valve realizes pipeline setting of two pumps with one valve to reduce the investment cost by only buying one valve and saving one pipeline.