• Product Name : Iron Removal Equipment
  • Classification : Metal Detector
  • Electromagnetic Iron Remover
  • Capacity: Metal Detector (500~1400mm)
    Electromagnetic Iron Remover (≤200mm)

【Introduction】: An electromagnetic induction device for detecting iron parts of conveying belt material.

【Improvement】: Voice and light alarm function.

【Advantages】: Digital phase shifter and detection technology;
Stable performance;
High detection sensitivity;
Strong anti- interference ability;
Lower price;
Convenient operation and maintenance;
Long service life;

【Product Structure】: It uses the changing signal that produced when the metal enter into the sensor electromagnetic field, and through electronic technology to process and drive an actuator (electromagnet, motor switch) in order to remove harmful metals.

【Introduction】: An electromagnetic equipment to remove iron parts in bulk nonmagnetic materials.

【Improvement】: Iron mover is suitable for thick materials because of the reasonable magnetic circuit design, magnetic field intensity and large magnetic penetration depth; The fully sealed structure can effectively prevent the dust and harmful gases, and has strong environment and climate adaptability and long service life.

【Advantages】: Large magnetic penetration depth Strong magnetically attractive force Resistance todust, rain and corrosion.

【Product Structure】: After power on, strong magnetic force picks up the iron parts mixed in materials, and then the iron parts are thrown out by unloading iron belt. This can effectively prevent the belt from longitudinal laceration, and guarantees the normal working of crushing, grinding machine etc.. It is usually installed in the head or middle of belt conveyor.