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  • Product Name : Hydrocyclone
  • Classification : Hydrocyclone
  • Cyclone Unit
  • Capacity: Hydrocyclone (≤542m3/h)
    Cyclone Unit (≤2500m3/h)

【Introduction】: A hydrocyclone with involute feeding.

【Improvement】: Unique involute feeding eliminating the disturbance, reduces wear and improves the classification efficiency.

【Advantages】: The way of involute feeding through the inlet branch reduces the turbulence of the burst emanative flow when materials entry, makes a smooth movement of liquid inside cyclone, therefore gives a sharp classification. The rational length proportion of column and cone and reasonable insert depth of vortex finder Wear – resistant rubber as liners prolongs the service life by 2-4 times.

【Product Structure】: The working principle of Xinhai hydrocyclone is centrifugal sedimentation, when two phases (or three phases) mixed liquid is fed into hydrocyclone by a certain pressure liquid and produces strong three-dimensional-elliptic rotational movement. Due to the different density of particles, the centrifugal force, the centripetal buoyancy and drag force is different. So most coarse particles (or heavy phase) are discharged from cyclone underflow outlet, and the fine particles (or light phase) from the overflow tube, so as to achieve separation.

【Introduction】: A cyclone unit design with high efficiency.

【Improvement】: 【Improvement】: Each feeding inlet of Xinhai cyclone unit is installed knife gate valve independently developed by Xinhai. This valve with small dimension reduces the diameter of cyclone unit..

【Advantages】: Cyclone lined with wear – resistant rubber, prolong the service life Stable operation and high separation efficiency

【Product Structure】: Xinhai cyclone unit can be equipped with automatic control system to set parameters for black metal, non-ferrous metals, coal, industrial minerals, non-metallic minerals and building materials. It also checks and adjusts the liquid level of pump tank, slurry flow, outlet pressure, slurry concentration, and motor rotation speed to ensure the indexes are within optimal range.Xinhai hydrocyclone unit adopts computer to select model. As long as the users fill in the relevant parameters, the program will choose the most suitable cyclone number to make the operation more efficient and meet the requirement of classification. In addition, Xinhai cyclone unit is combined with other equipment to form classification group, which can improve the machine processing capacity by more than 15%, and multi function screen in combination equipment can automatically return coarse particles in overflow to the mill.