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  • Product Name : Feeding
  • Classification : Chute Feeder
  • Plate Feeder
  • Belt Feeder
  • Disc Feeder
  • Capacity: Chute Feeder (10~90t/h)
    Plate Feeder (15~217m3/h)
    Belt Feeder (10~450t/h)
    Disc Feeder (0~88.4t/h)

【Introduction】: A periodic and reciprocating feeding machine for large bulk materials.

【Improvement】: According to user requirements, the motor can be changed to the speed adjustment motor to adjust the feeding volume.

【Advantages】: Simple structure, even feeding, good continues performance. Change and control flow and feeding volume at any time. Stable transmission, high efficiency. Compact structure, reasonable design. Excellent quality, wide application.

【Product Structure】: The machine is usually installed underneath the discharging opening of ore bin. Minerals fall on the bushing. The bushing is located at the chute bottom, configured on idler wheel and via eccentric device connected with reducer which is linked to electric motor by coupler. When it works, electric motor drives reducer via coupler; eccentric disk and drain cap which is situated between chute frame bottom and roller begin to do reciprocal and linear motion so as to uniformly feed minerals.

【Introduction】: A feeding machine with impact resistance and large convey capacity.

【Improvement】: A reducer with large speed ratio, speed adjustment motor.

【Advantages】: Compact structure, reliable quality. Wide application, high efficiency. Advanced technology.

【Product Structure】: Plate feeder .has light type, medium type and heave type. Medium and heavy type are the common plate feeder consisting of.
1. Transmission device: motor, speed reducer, coupling etc.
2. Head wheel: head frame, driving shaft, chain wheel, transmission shaft and front frame.
3. Chain
4. Chain plate
5. Tail wheel: chain wheel, rear rack, tension device etc.
6. Support and side board
7. Intermediate frame

【Introduction】: A belt feeder with heave pressure bearing.

【Improvement】: Speed adjustment motor, adjusting the feeding volume by changing belt speed.

【Advantages】: It has two methods to adjust the production capacity: adjusting the rotating speed of the AC motor; adjusting the depth of the adjusting gate. Low power consumption, convenient operation. Convenient installation, large conveying capacity. Low noise.

【Product Structure】: The hopper feeds minerals on the belt. With the AC motor revolving, belt slowly moves toward and carries minerals to next production process to achieve continuous feeding.

【Introduction】: A traditional continuous feeding equipment for powder material.

【Improvement】: Install speed adjustment motor according to need; control feeding volume by adjusting the rotation speed of disc.

【Advantages】 : Stable working and easy operation. Wide application, energy saving and efficient. Large bearing capacity and stable operation. Simple structure; even feeding; convenient maintenance; the best choice for feeding process of powder materials.

【Product Structure】: Bulky materials entering into the cylinder from the hopper accumulate by itself weight on the disk. The natural angle of material is controlled on the disk by adjusting the gap between the sleeve and disc. When the disk rotates, the materials are scraped into accepted hopper by unloading knife, so with the continuous rotation of the disk, the materials are fed evenly. Adjust the gap between the unloading knife and the disk to control the feeding volume.