• Product Name : Automatic Control Equipment
  • Classification : Electronic Belt Scale
  • Pipeline Sampler
  • Flocculants System
  • NC Reagent Feeder
  • Capacity: Electronic Belt Scale (≤1200 t/h)
    Pipeline Sampler (Minimum for 1 min)
    Flocculants System (≤20A)
    NC Reagent Feeder (8-32)

【Introduction】: A weighting equipment for metering belt conveying capacity with simple structure and advanced technology.

【Improvement】: EBM 2011 is a new generation of continuous weighing management system, the control core adopts German Siemens ddLC, stability and reliability has been greatly improved.

【Advantages】: The system can automatically control the feeding quantity of belt machine according to the preset flow rate. High efficiency and energy saving, durable and wear-resistantThe system reserves a standard communication interface. That is convenient for production management and scheduling.

【Product Structure】: The displayed part adopt the high-grade large size touch screen to replace the traditional digital tube and liquid crystal module which has friendly man-machine interface and rich display contents. This product can fully replace the traditional weighting totalizer instrument.

【Introduction】: An automatic sampler for pulp sampling from closed pipelines.

【Improvement】: This product could set sampling time. The minimum sampling time is 1min. The sampling time could be adjusted by requirement of tester. The sample is typical and could show the change of ore pulp (powder) in special time.

【Advantages】: Safe and stable; Simple operation; Convenient maintenance; Long service life.

【Product Structure】: Automatic pipeline sampler extract ore sample by Core spiral sampler, the ore sample is fed to crusher through closed feeding, then enter to splitting sample aggregator, the ore sample that through the splitting pass into sample aggregator, the extra ore sample return back to mine ore by tailings processing system.

【Introduction】: A stable and continuous flocculants powder feeding device in preparation of flocculants solution.

【Improvement】: Patent products, speed adjustment motor, and adjustable feeding volume.

【Advantages】: Applied for flocculant preparation of pulp thickening, sewage treatment and other industries with the features of one-time preparation and continuous supply. With automatic control and the concentration prepared according to the flocculant type. Secondary dilution can be carried out according to the capacity, which can save agents and reduce product costs. Xinhai stainless steel material.

【Introduction】: A reagent feeder with excellent structure and advanced technology.

【Improvement】: XHGY-B series NC Reagent Feeder is Yantai Xinhai third generation product, and its control core uses the German Siemens ddLC. The stability and reliability is greatly strengthened. In addition, the display part adopts LCD touch screen with convenient operation.

【Advantages】 : Convenient maintenance: special reagent feeding magnetic valve makes feeding pipes fluent. Stable reagent feeding: the liquid level is controlled at the same level by the liquid level constant pressure device. Process improvement: conducive to the management of mineral processing technology, and convenient to adjust index of mineral processing technology. Economical and practical: to avoid mis-operation of artificial feeding, stabilize processing performance, and decrease the reagent consumption. Excellent structure: constant device for reagent boxes and liquid, all kinds of valves are made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.

【Product Structure】: Accurate quantitative control of flotation dosing of black metals, non-ferrous metals, precious metals non- metallic minerals.